Help! My Exclusively Breastfed Baby Has Colic

colicEight weeks ago, if you had told me your child had colic when he was a baby, I would have looked at you with sympathy, but without any understanding.

If you had told me seven weeks ago your baby had colic, I would have immediately started to ask you how you survived, how long the endless screaming lasted, and if anything you tried made the colic less.

If you were to take a look into my life at any moment in the last seven weeks, it wouldn’t be unexpected to see a slightly-frazzled mom and a newborn who is crying. It’s the soundtrack of my life right now — and it’s breaking my heart.

I have tried swaddling, shushing, limiting distractions, wearing him in a wrap and a structured carrier. I’ve done a lot of skin-to-skin. I’ve left him to lay on his own. I’ve tried laying him on his belly and holding him in a football hold across my arm. I don’t eat any dairy (casein-free), gluten or eggs, and I limit my caffeine. And yet. Like clockwork, at 5 o’clock, sweet Silver is crying. I breastfeed him on-demand, hold him all the time and yet I can’t seem to comfort him. That’s a terrible feeling.

He also seems to spit-up a lot more than any of my other children, who didn’t have colic, which makes me wonder if all this screaming and what looks to be pain is all linked to his stomach? He is gaining weight very well which leaves me thinking there’s not something more¬†serious going on, but, oh, my mama heart hurts to see him so sad.

:: Did you have to deal with colic at all? Any tips for me — please share in the comments! ::

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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