Help! We’ve Hit a Breastfeeding Wall

I’ve always said that I think that nursing my girls is one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had as a mother. It’s a bond like no other and something that I am extremely fortunate to be able to do.

When Avery was born, she latched on right away. Our nursing relationship has been extremely smooth for the past eight months. She is nursed almost all of the time and rarely gets a bottle. If she does need a bottle because I am going to be out, she takes one without any trouble and will go back to nursing like she hasn’t even noticed a difference.

Although we have a routine and somewhat of a schedule to our day, Avery has always been nursed on demand. She finds it comforting and it’s never been much of a problem to nurse her when she needs it.  That was until a couple of weeks ago.

Avery is crawling, cruising around the furniture, and nearly standing all on her own. She loves to move around and can barely sit still. She hates to be held because she would much rather be on the floor crawling around and pulling herself up on things. Usually this isn’t a problem, but it does become one when she continues to want to move around when she’s nursing.

Nursing has no longer become a moment of relaxation for the both of us. It’s now become a wrestling match. She desperately wants to nurse, but she just can’t find a way to do it sitting still. She tries to stand up while doing it, with her mouth still latched on (ouch!) and will even roll around from side to side.

The only time that we can have a peaceful nursing session is in the middle of the night if she wakes up and I nurse her to go back down to sleep. The reason being is because she is already half asleep and needs just a mini session to go back down. But during the day, we are at a constant battle. I am starting to wonder if it would be easier to just go to bottles so that I know she is getting an entire feeding and also so it isn’t so painful for me.

Deep down I don’t feel like either of us are finished nursing, but I do think that we’ve hit a major hurdle and I would love to know how to fix it. I didn’t experience this with Harlan. She was always completely still and relaxed with nursing. Avery has always loved to be moving, so it’s no surprise that she even wants to do it while eating too.

If you are a mom that has been through this, I would love to know what helped you to through it. Any advice will be very helpful!

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Article Posted 6 years Ago

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