Here’s An Idea…Kiss Your Valentine Baby!

As I was putting Fuzz to bed last night, I couldn’t stop kissing him. My lips were magnetically attracted to his head. I just wanted to kiss and snuggle him for hours. After he went to bed I captured a lot of my thoughts on love for my children and family on my other blog.

Then, I came upon an interesting piece about why mothers are drawn to kiss their babies so much.  It’s not just because we love our babies. There are other reasons too. For example:Kissing the baby allows the mother learn all about her babies through her senses. How her baby smells, tastes, looks, sounds and feels helps her connect to the baby and also to protect him/her from danger.

These behaviors, also called ‘claiming behaviors’ also have health benefits for the baby.

Pretty interesting stuff. Meanwhile, here’s an idea!  It’s Valentine’s Day! Kiss away! Like you need an excuse to kiss your baby!

Article Posted 8 years Ago

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