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Mom holding babyHiya! I’m Naomi. I live in CA, and VT with my husband and two little boys. My second son, Hugo, a.k.a. Fuzzball, was born, 8/23/10.

Fuzzball was born via planned C-section. His birth was relatively uneventful, unlike his brother’s birth. The only issue was that I went into labor 6 hours before my section, which wasn’t an issue, it was really only annoying.

Fuzzball was covered in, you guessed it… fuzz, or as some called it…fur. He has since shed most of it, but his ears are still a little furry, and his hair is still a bit on the fuzzy side, which is pretty normal, for an infant. Anyway, I think it’s cute. He was a big boy, weighing in at 8lbs, 9oz, and continues to add to that heft hourly with his voracious nursing habit. He has lots of other fun habits, including his jet-propelled poop habit, and his yogurt-like spit-up habit that has adorned all of our clothing and furniture at some point in the last 5 weeks.

As for me, I used to act and teach elementary school, and now I write and parent. I’m very excited to be blogging here at Babble. Baby’s first year is a crazy ride. When my first born, Roman, a.k.a. Shnook was a baby, I found the need to write about his and my own lack of sleep, among other topics, which I have done on this blog. I also developed a passion for sandwiches, since they seem to be the easiest and fastest thing for a new mom to eat. Now that I have a second little boy, I’m encountering many of the same challenges and delights, as well as new ones that I’m happy to share. I hope you will enjoy reading about our ups and downs.

FTR, He gave me his first smile yesterday.

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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