High Chairs For Small Spaces

In our small space, a high chair was the first item of baby gear I was prepared to completely forego. Who needs a high chair? We don’t even own a dining table, there’s just no room in here. We have a Bumbo and we have a floor. I was perfectly fine foregoing the high chair.

But then, really. The floor?

I polled all of my city girlfriends: Do you have a high chair? Do you love it? Is it worth sacrificing the space/money? It was a pretty mixed bag. “Yes, and I love it!” tied for “Yes, but we hardly use it.”

So I stalled. I figured if ever we got to the point where we really needed a high chair, we’d opt for the Ikea. Inexpensive, small, not the size of a recliner, easy on the eyes. Done and done. But then I scored an unexpected invite to try out the new¬†BabyBjorn high chair and I gotta tell you, high chairs are rad. I’ve sort of developed a crush on it. (It’s not hard to win me over when there are Swedes involved, is really the moral of the story.)

A quick rundown of its features after the jump.

The BabyBjorn high chair is different from most high chairs I’ve seen in that it is SMALL. It’s made of easy to clean molded plastic, with a removable, dishwasher safe tray. The tray fits snugly against baby’s tummy to help younger babies sit up straight even when they’re still somewhat floppy, and can be adjusted out for the bigger boys. So far the tray seems to be an okay size, though for babies who prefer to create art with their food, it’s not much of a canvas (I’ve noticed that food finds the floor rather quickly).

My favorite feature is how tiny it is. I mean, this chair is tiiiiiiny, but still sturdy as all get out. (I feel completely confident that I can leave Huck chilling out in it for a bit after dinner while I spruce up real quick, and he thinks it’s just the coolest thing.) It folds up to almost nothing, and very easily. I fold it up after every use and prop it up against a heavily-trafficked wall and it takes under three seconds and stays quite out of the way.

Smartly designed and pretty look at and a good solution for those of us who want the benefits of a high chair without sacrificing style or space. Not bad, I say.

So now I’m dying to know: Where do you fall on the high chair debate? Gotta have one? Totally not worth it? Do you like them big and plush or small and compact?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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