Holiday Gift Guide: 30 Best Gifts For Babies

Holiday Gift Guide >>> Best Gifts For BabiesShopping for a baby seems like a pretty easy task, right? I mean… they’re babies. How hard could it be?

Well, that’s where you would be wrong, my friend. You see, babies are constantly growing and changing. Buy them something too advanced and they won’t be interested, buy them something that’s below their current cognitive abilities and they’ll be totally offended. There’s a sweet spot when it comes to finding that perfect baby gift and I’m here to help guide you through it.

Some of these items are toys we own, some are ones we’ve played with at friends’ houses and ones that are on Fern’s holiday wish list, and some aren’t even toys at all. I tried to compile a list that would cover all bases. All these items are gender-neutral, budget-friendly (OK, so there are a few splurges…) and fairly design-conscious. I chose items that will appeal to babies without being totally offensive to parental design aesthetic. That said — babies like bright things that make music, so there’s definitely some of that happening, but quality was kept in mind. No cheap, plastic junk here!

Check out the “30 Best Gifts For Babies” after the jump!

  • Kitten Plush Doll 1 of 30
    Kitten Plush Doll
    These snuggly kittens are a perfect stuffed animal that can grow with your baby. Perfect for cuddling and oh-so-cute!
    Purchase from Mamma 190 on Etsy for €27.00
  • Educo GrabHappy Rattle 2 of 30
    Educo GrabHappy Rattle
    Give baby this durable wooden toy that will help promote fine motor skills while making fun clacking noises.
    Purchase from Black Wagon for $10.00
  • Fisher Price Chatter Telephone 3 of 30
    Fisher Price Chatter Telephone
    Odds are your baby probably never seen an "old-school" telephone, so introduce them to one with this adorable pull-along vintage remake.
    Purchase from Target for $14.99
  • B. Toys Zany Zoo Wooden Activity Cube 4 of 30
    B. Toys Zany Zoo Wooden Activity Cube
    This would provide endless enjoyment for a little one — especially a sitter or a babe just learning to stand. Being able to pull themselves up on this cube and play with the pieces right at their level is a wonderful option.
    Purchase from Target for $49.99
  • Plan Toys Assorted Fruit Set 5 of 30
    Plan Toys Assorted Fruit Set
    Babies don't yet have the fine motor skills to hold the play knife and "cut" apart these toy fruits, but they can pull them apart (they're attached by Velcro) and can also be used to introduce vocabulary words. They're a toy your baby can grow into.
    Purchase from for $19.99
  • Night Night Baby Sleeper Pajamas 6 of 30
    Night Night Baby Sleeper Pajamas
    Every year for Christmas we always got a new pair of pajamas, so why not start this tradition for the little one in your life? These cozy PJ's are made of organic cotton and come in bright colorful patterns, but best of all they fit amazingly and are the perfect weight to keep Baby at just the right temperature.
    Purchase from Hannah Anderson for $32
  • Color Discovery Boxes 7 of 30
    Color Discovery Boxes
    This toy is fun and interactive for your little one and is a great way to start teaching her about colors while promoting vocabulary development. Plus, a toy like this allows baby to explore various textures and shapes.
    Purchase from Lakeshore Learning for $49.95
  • KidKraft Deluxe Activity Walker 8 of 30
    KidKraft Deluxe Activity Walker
    My baby just started standing in the past month and yesterday while we were at a friend's house she tried out one of these activity walkers and to my surprise made it halfway across the room! Aside from the walking assistance, this has fun activities on the front that even younger babies will enjoy as well.
    Purchase from Target for $46.99
  • Petit Collage Animal ABC Nesting Blocks 9 of 30
    Petit Collage Animal ABC Nesting Blocks
    Babies love to stack and sort and these nesting blocks are great for that!
    Purchase from Black Wagon for $28.00
  • Fred M. Matryoshka Measuring Cups 10 of 30
    Fred M. Matryoshka Measuring Cups
    So, these aren't exactly "baby toys." They're measuring cups in the form of little nesting dolls, but my baby and all of my friend's kids LOVE them! They make an easy, multipurpose and design-friendly holiday gift.
    Purchase from Amazon for $10.25
  • Hape Little Drummer 11 of 30
    Hape Little Drummer
    Bring out the inner percussionist in your baby with this fun little wooden drum set.
    Purchase from Black Wagon for $24.00
  • Woodours Baby Activity Bear 12 of 30
    Woodours Baby Activity Bear
    This adorable baby bear has four fun-filled pockets — each with an interactive toy that will make noise and teach baby about sorting.
    Purchase from Black Wagon for $45.00
  • I Love My Octopus Bath Book 13 of 30
    I Love My Octopus Bath Book
    Most babies love bath time, but once they become a little more mobile it can be difficult to keep them engaged. A fun bath book will keep them safe and entertained in the bath — a great gift that benefits both baby and parents.
    Purchase from for $8.99
  • Plan Toys Clatter 14 of 30
    Plan Toys Clatter
    Exactly as the name implies, this little wooden toy will provide your baby with exciting "clatter" noises — great baby fun!
    Purchase from for $18.99
  • Oilo Triple Play Blanket 15 of 30
    Oilo Triple Play Blanket
    A pretty way to turn a questionable area of flooring or carpet into a clean, stylish play space for your baby. This would make a perfect gift.
    Purchase from Fawn & Forest for $64.00
  • Hape Away We Go Puzzle 16 of 30
    Hape Away We Go Puzzle
    The large knobs on this wooden puzzle make it a great first puzzle for babies. Even if it's still a little tricky to figure out how to put the pieces back in place at this point, it will still be fun for your baby to pull the pieces out.
    Purchase from for $8.99
  • Oeuf Plus Alpaca Soccer Balls 17 of 30
    Oeuf Plus Alpaca Soccer Balls
    Plus fun for whatever your baby is into — chewing, throwing, rolling — these are perfect for all of the above.
    Purchase from for $48.40
  • LEKA Baby Gym 18 of 30
    LEKA Baby Gym
    I love this little gym. It's perfect for babies still on their backs, but also the perfect height for sitters. The simple modern shape and the sturdy wood make it appealing to parents as well (and the price can't be beat!).
    Purchase from IKEA for $29.99
  • Earnest Efforts Baby Rattle 19 of 30
    Earnest Efforts Baby Rattle
    A perfect gift for the baby who likes to grab and chew on everything — babies love to chew on wooden things!
    Purchase from Fawn & Forest for $16.00
  • Melissa & Doug Semi Truck Car Carrier 20 of 30
    Melissa & Doug Semi Truck Car Carrier
    Once your baby is a little bit older he or she will enjoy stacking the cars on this carrier, but until then, pushing them around will still provide for plenty of fun.
    Purchase from Target for $15.49
  • Schoenhut My First Piano 21 of 30
    Schoenhut My First Piano
    Babies love cause-and-effect and tapping on the keys of this little piano and hearing the sounds that come out as a result will keep them entertained and engaged.
    Purchase from for $82.99
  • Dwellstudio Knit Blocks 22 of 30
    Dwellstudio Knit Blocks
    Adorable little blocks that can be stacked or even cozied up with in their cozy knit fabric.
    Purchase from Fawn & Forest for $40.00
  • Dwellstudio Zoo Shape Sorter 23 of 30
    Dwellstudio Zoo Shape Sorter
    A simple, lovely and modern shape sorter to promote coordination for your little learner.
    Purchase from Fawn & Forest for $32.00
  • MULA Abacus 24 of 30
    MULA Abacus
    This technically isn't for babies, but my baby loves it! Sliding the little beads and hearing them click and clack is one of her favorite things. As she gets older we can work on counting and math skills using this as well — multipurpose!
    Purchase from IKEA for $9.99
  • Kina Lamb Booties 25 of 30
    Kina Lamb Booties
    Nothing says "the holidays" quite like a cozy pair of slippers and even a baby needs those!
    Purchase from Fawn & Forest for $41.00
  • Uncle Goose ABC Blocks 26 of 30
    Uncle Goose ABC Blocks
    Foster a love of languages in your little one with these ABC blocks that come in a variety of languages — everything from Danish to Braille!
    Purchase from Black Wagon for $40.00
  • LEKA CIRKUS Musical Soft Toy Rabbit 27 of 30
    LEKA CIRKUS Musical Soft Toy Rabbit
    Play a musical game of peekaboo with Baby using this fun soft toy!
    Purchase from IKEA for $7.99
  • Busy Ball Drop 28 of 30
    Busy Ball Drop
    Even if you're baby doesn't have the hand-eye coordination to drop the balls in this little contraption just yet, odd are they'll love watching you drop the balls just as much until they're ready to do it themselves!
    Purchase from Lakeshore Learning for $9.99
  • LANDET Farmhouse With Animals 29 of 30
    LANDET Farmhouse With Animals
    This foldable barn is great for babies and older children alike. A great gift that parents can take along easily while traveling to keep their little one entertained.
    Purchase from IKEA for $19.99
  • Fisher Price Classic Record Player 30 of 30
    Fisher Price Classic Record Player
    If your little one loves listening to music like mine does, then this Fisher Price throwback will provide good entertainment while your baby watches it spin and play.
    Purchase from Target for $29.99


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What items are on your baby’s holiday wishlist?

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