Honoring Connie Kin: Beloved Mom Vlogger Died Suddenly After Childbirth

She struck me as someone I might have known in real life: that sweet, vivacious, beautiful friend whom you always want around. The one who brings fun and light with her wherever she goes.

Her name was Connie Kin, and late last month, she died days after giving birth to her second child, a baby girl named Ella.

A beloved vlogger on the What’s Up Moms YouTube channel, Connie┬ádied after contracting “an infection as a complication from childbirth,” according to a message posted by her husband, Andrew, on Facebook. In addition to her husband and her newborn daughter, she leaves behind her young son, Nathan.

Connie Kin of the What's Up Moms YouTube channel died Nov. 21.
Image Source: Connie Kin

Though I didn’t know Connie personally, I felt like I got to know her through her videos. She radiated warmth and joy that made her a pleasure to watch. In a message posted on the What’s Up Moms YouTube channel, Andrew confirmed that the loving mom we saw online was just as wonderful in real life.

“What you saw of her on (What’s Up Moms) — how much she loved Nathan, her incredible smile and laugh, her attention to detail, her love of friends and community — she was all that and more,” he wrote. ” … I treasure all of these videos — and comments — because I know Nathan and Ella will always be just a click away from seeing their mom smiling and caring about them, and a click away from understanding all the people she touched.”

And Connie definitely did touch a lot of people. Her fans are reeling from the news.

“I’m still in shock, absolutely devastated that such a beautiful person has left this Earth,” one YouTube user wrote. “I find it so crazy how I never knew Connie, and yet this loss has hit me so deeply … my heart hurts for her friends and family.”

My heart hurts too. News of any death is unsettling but, as a mother of young children, I find that the deaths of fellow moms of little ones strike me especially hard. You worry for their children, their husbands, and their other loved ones. You hug your own children a little harder and promise in your head that you’ll be there for them forever…even though it’s not true.

As Connie’s husband put it so eloquently, her love for Nathan and Ella will always be plainly visible — “just a click away.”

If you hadn’t heard of Connie and her videos, you can get to know her through this touching tribute below by her best friend What’s Up Moms’ Elle Walker.

[videopost src=’https://youtu.be/qkn-8pxoOxw’]

A memorial fund has been established to honor Connie’s legacy and support causes she believed in. Find out more about it — and get information on how to send letters of condolence to her family — in the “About” section of the tribute video here.

I really don’t know how to end this blog post. “Rest in peace” just doesn’t feel like enough, so I’m going to close it with the words of another YouTube user, Lori isabella.

“It is so amazing that someone who I never knew somehow felt like a neighbor I grew up with,” she wrote. “That their smile is so familiar, I would know it from anywhere. That when you watched her you were instantly smiling. We love and miss you Connie Kin.”

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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