Horrific Story, Happy Ending: Abandoned Baby Rescued by Farm Dog

Man's best friends, but one baby's guardian angel

It’s a story almost too horrible to read: A 2-week-old baby is abandoned under a bridge in Winkongo, which is in Ghana in West Africa. To imagine an utterly helpless, tiny little life left for dead? Perish the thought.

But thankfully, a search party out looking for a lost dog found him — protecting the newborn baby.

The “tiny baby was snuggled against [the dog]”, reports Yahoo Shine.

When the dog didn’t return home one evening, searchers spent most of the night tracking him, which is when they ultimately found him “curled around” the baby.

The baby is said to be doing relatively well, despite the fact that his umbilical cord had yet to be cut and was infected. He’s now in the custody of a local health agency.

No word on if the dog has stepped up to offer some foster care, but certainly he should at least be considered given him super-duper parenting instincts.

Photo credit: iStock

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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