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Motherhood. Not Any One Ideal. Not Ever.

This image. Not sure why, but it speaks volumes to me. Volumes of beauty. Volumes on motherhood.

The controversy hogwash?

Is but a blip in my body in comparison to the one that which whispers from (my) inside, “we are good mothers.”

All (most) of us, in all of our vast, (opposing at times) ways.

Actually I do know why I love it so. It dispels the right-wing notion of what a “social deviant” is. To me.

The skin art, albeit inked and maybe extreme to some, is breathtaking. Perhaps not for all. The play of light and how it casts shadow to each and every crease of skin, in context to the lay of the shot — is brilliant.

It is sexy yet simple. Bona-fide motherhood. The tatts don’t make or break that notion this image renders within me. It only exemplifies it.

To me. What about you?

Top Image Credit: Needle & Skin via Tumblr

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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