How Did Our Obscure Baby Name Suddenly Become Trendy?

My husband, Brent and I like unique baby names. We tried hard to choose names for our children that would be unique, but not made-up sounding or hard to spell. When we learned we were having a daughter, we knew immediately we would name her Everly. We had chosen her name years earlier after playing many rounds of “What will we name our kids” after we got married. Several months after she was born, the name Everly suddenly skyrocketed to the top of 2010’s “Names growing fastest in popularity”.  WHAT THE HECK? Somehow the obscure name we had loved for years was suddenly deemed one of the hottest out there.

So when it came to naming our son, we felt confident the name we had picked out all those years ago wouldn’t land at the top of the most popular list. After all, it hadn’t even hit the radar of the Social Security top 1000 baby names since the 1930s. I knew of one Arlo (The one and only Arlo Guthrie) and had never come across a baby boy with the moniker from a celebrity or on any of the blogs I read.

But just weeks before my due date, actress Toni Colette named her newborn Arlo and then this week Arlo was determined to be one of the hottest baby boy names of 2011. What gives? There are a gazillion names out there how have both of our kids uncommon names (neither of which were chosen from a popular tv show character or after a celebrity’s child) suddenly bumped to the top of the popularity list in the years that they were born?

Article Posted 7 years Ago

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