How Do I Get My 8-Month-Old To Drink Formula?

Just one bottle a day. .. that’s all I need Arlo to take. One bottle of formula to supplement the endless pumping and nursing that is part of our daily routine. I’ve tried everything — supplements, pumping late at night, pumping early in the morning — and I’m still producing JUST enough to get us through every day. I have zero supply stored up and it’s been impossible to try to build on to it since he is nursing all the time. We attempted to give Arlo a soy formula supplemental bottle a few months back and he had a really bad reaction (projectile vomiting EVERYWHERE) and since then, I’ve literally been pumping like a mad woman and praying that we can stay on top of his needs.

Recently we tried to reintroduce a different formula: a milk-based one recommended by our pediatrician with no luck. He refuses to drink it. We’ve actually tried three different brands in the hopes of finding one he would take. There are some days that my husband has to come meet me at work halfway through the day to get more milk if he is extra hungry.  Arlo is eating 3 meals a day but is only drinking about 10 ounces of breast milk from 9am – 5pm. From 5pm – 9am he is nursing regularly — every 2 hours or so all night long. I feel like his eating schedule got flipped backwards (He should be eating a lot during the day and then going a longer time without over night feedings).

So a formula bottle would be a huge support in ensuring he is getting enough fluids during the day and to take some of the pressure off to pump enough … but I just have no idea how to get him to take it. My biggest concern is that I have a work trip on the horizon in March. 4 whole days away from home and I know I won’t have enough milk stored up to get him through the entire time.  We have to get him to take formula one way or another.

Any tips from other moms who have been through this? I just want him to take one, maybe two bottles a day of formula — I hope to breastfeed for a year (or really as long as he wants to) but I need a little help. Something has to give here!

Any tips would be greatly appreciated!


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