How Do You Get Your Family to Accept Your Parenting Choices?

What has been your battle?

When it comes to parenting – new parents have so many different choices to make from the get-go. Some do more research than others and some are more secure in the choices. It is just something that comes with the territory.

Some parents are very confident in the choices they have made for their children, but there is always that dreaded word that sends all those choices into a tizzy. F-A-M-I-L-Y!

I think we have all been there. Family questioning our decision, pushing us in the direction of choices they favor or want for some reason. I was lucky enough when I had my older children my mom didn’t really push in one way or another.

I got some outside comments about breastfeeding and sharing the responsibility, and when I started to cloth diaper people looked at me like I had three heads – but they were our choices and our children and we had to deal with them. No one was coming over to take care of our kids for us so their input didn’t matter.

I was always curious how others dealt with backlash from their family.

So this week I just asked and it seems like the overwhelming majority of parents just flat out don’t give a rats ass what outsiders or family members think about their choice in diapers or feeding.

I think it is a great thing! Not because it may sound completely disrespectful to family members but I can totally see overbearing family trying to boss new moms into choices they want nothing to do with. It is great to see them standing their ground and being secure in the choices they are making for their family, and future family!

  • Do they value your relationship? 1 of 8
    Do they value your relationship?
    Most family members will back off out of respect if they value your relationship.
    Melissa shared her input expressing that her family often doesn't accept her parenting choices, but also said "I just let them know if they value our relationship they will just keep their opinions to themselves."
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  • La La La La La! I am Ignoring You!!!!! 2 of 8
    La La La La La! I am Ignoring You!!!!!
    Some of us just have to bite the bullet and ignore certain family members. It may not be the most productive way of dealing with the judgment of parenting choices or unwanted input but sometimes it is the best way to deal with it!
    MaryBeth says "you stop caring what they think" and I can totally understand!
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  • Why do they care? 3 of 8
    Why do they care?
    Another reader brought up an excellent point for the discussion as a whole... why do they even care?
    Rachel said "I don't see that it's their concern unless they are the ones with the task." That's pretty much my personal line of thinking!
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  • My Child, My Choice… 4 of 8
    My Child, My Choice...
    Seems pretty simple right? I mean, other family members were fully able to make their own choices when raising their children - you should only be expected the same courtesy when raising yours! Thanks to Valerie for submitting this one!
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  • They think its kinda cool… 5 of 8
    They think its kinda cool...
    I absolutely loved the comment that Korry left. It really rang true for the relationship that I have as a parent with my own parents!
    She said, "Never had a problem with any of my parenting choices with my family or my husband's family. They know that its our child so its our choice how we want to raise her, plus they think cloth diapering its kinda cool." (I totally think cloth diapering is cool too!)
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  • Thank Them! 6 of 8
    Thank Them!
    Thank them for their advice and continue to parent the way you feel. Jenny put it the best way!
    "Say thanks for the advice and then prove them wrong!"
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  • They just might end up in a ranty blog post! 7 of 8
    They just might end up in a ranty blog post!
    Abbie shared that her immediate family is extremely supportive while her extended family mostly keeps their mouth shut out of fear of landing on her blog! That is certainly one way of holding off those annoying judgmental comments!
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  • When all else fails… use the kitty! 8 of 8
    When all else fails... use the kitty!
    When all else fails and you aren't making any headway with them... say what Leah has to say...
    "I tell them tough titty said the kitty!"
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