How I’ve Managed To Get My Baby to Sleep 8 Hours

I have to say, I’ve been really blessed with good sleepers. All of my girls, and now my boy have all been on a great schedule since day one. One of the questions I get asked all the time is how I manage to get Grayson to sleep 8 hours a night. So I thought I would answer that question for everyone! Believe it or not, creating a sleep schedule isn’t as hard as one thinks.

When we first brought Grayson home from the hospital, he was four weeks early so we did wake him quite often to eat. We had to make sure he gained weight well, and after about two weeks time, we began to let him sleep no matter what. Since he was just shy of 1-month-old, he started sleeping six hours or more. By the time he was 2-months-old, he was sleeping 8 plus hours. He put himself on a good schedule really quickly without the help from me, and it has worked out ever since!

I think creating a schedule is key. Now, you don’t have to go all crazy scheduling, because I surely don’t, but having a set time for that last nightly feeding really helps. It helps everyone. You know when your little one will most likely be heading to bed. We have the same routine every night where I give him a bath (3 times a week, sometimes less) and feed him a bottle right before he goes to sleep. After his bottle, he usually is still awake, so I swaddle him (he loves it still!) and within just a few minutes he is sound asleep.

If you are calm, baby will be calm. Don’t force him to fall asleep in his bassinet on his own. Crying it out never worked for us. I would much rather spend those few minutes at the end of the day rocking him to sleep than listening to him scream. I suggest swaddling them, putting on soft music or hum a little tune while you rock them to sleep. Before long, they won’t be letting you rock them! So take advantage of bedtime when you can.

So how do I keep him asleep? Grayson has severe acid reflux and has to be elevated; therefore he can’t sleep in a crib. Usually he sleeps in his swing or with me. Why do we sometimes co-sleep? Because if you want sleep, this is something you may just have to do some nights! It doesn’t matter if they are still in a bassinet, or a rock n’ play or whatever — as long as they are sleeping and you are getting some shut eye — that is all that counts. Don’t stress over getting them in their own room or if they don’t like the crib. Most babies don’t. They want to feel secure and cozy.

I suggest not stressing over what experts and text books say. Make your own schedule and routine, and if that means your little one is sleeping in your arms than it doesn’t matter. Whatever works for you! You are the parent so you have to look beyond things sometime and do what is best for your family.

To sum it up, schedule, swaddle, and let the baby sleep where it works for you. Try not to stress! Your little one will feed off of your energy so always keep that in mind, and hopefully you will be catching some zzz’s yourself in no time!

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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