How Long Can Newborns Safely Go Without Pooping!?

Desperately seeking poop-related advice!

While Nicole is over there dealing with explosions that truly define the word explosions – I mean, did someone stick a grenade down her kid’s pants? – I am over here praying for one.

We are going on day four of no poop. Well, that isn’t exactly true. Violet is pooping plenty. Giant, stinky, mac and cheese toddler poop that leaves me longing for those days of sweetish-smelling breast milk poop. So don’t you worry, there is plenty of poop to go around chez Bielanko.

I suppose, that in the interest of full disclosure, I should tell you that I’ve been slipping Henry the occasional bottle of formula. Wait, don’t get all judgmental! Let me explain. Remember how I told you about all the cluster feeding? It was INSANE. The kid had to be surgically removed from the boob, I’m serious. I couldn’t play with Violet or walk the dogs without the little guy clamoring for booby. Reminded me of my college days when my boobies were in high demand. Hey-OH! KIDDING!

Kind of.

ANYWAY… All of his crying made me wonder if he was getting enough. I know, I know, the pediatrician will tell you that of course he’s getting enough – but I just wanted to witness a particular amount of milk doing down the hatch, you know what I mean?  And sometimes, while in the middle of cooking dinner, it’s nice to let Serge feed him. He was on the boob so much I couldn’t even pump an ounce to freeze, so we gave him some soy, milk-free lactose-free formula. I’d say he got a total of three or four bottles last week. Not a whole lot. He’s maybe had one or two bottles of formula this week. So we’re still at about 90% breast milk.

Thing is, he pooped fine last week while drinking formula so I kind of ruled out formula as the culprit. I googled newborn pooping and discovered this, wherein moms talk about how their babies don’t poop for days and days and days without pooping and it’s totally normal. I’m not SUPER worried, but he does seem fussier than normal.

So what have you got? What’re your theories? Is no poop for days normal? What’s the longest your baby went without pooping?  One other question!  Is Henry still considered a newborn at nearly three months?  Probably not, right?

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