Should “Baby’s First Haircut” Be Such a Big Deal?

Photo Credit: Flickr/AmerStrocel
Photo Credit: Flickr/AmerStrocel

My 14-month-old’s hair is wild and getting into her eyes. I’ve got the scissors and I’m ready to go, but I’m feeling the peer pressure to regard “Baby’s First Haircut” as a sacred ceremony. Everyone seems to have a strong opinion about it.

Strangers on the street aren’t hesitant to share their view on the matter. “Look at all the hair on that baby!  You’re not going to cut it are you!?” is said just as often as “I’d say it’s about time to cut her hair and get it out of her eyes, don’t you?” Ugh, are there any banal activities of having a baby that don’t have to be recorded and treasured?

My mom kept a lock of hair from my first haircut in a baby book. I’ve always thought it was gross, although I don’t know why. I’m surprised that I care enough to even be thinking and blogging about it. I can be very sentimental and I’ve kept a lot of baby’s “firsts” such as shoes, vacation souvenirs, and a few small, favorite toys. But a lock of hair? Seriously? I’m skipping it. I’d like to think that I’m saving the grandchildren from the burden of deciding who’s going to toss it in the garbage one day. Who wants to keep grandma Clementine’s dead cell strands anyway? Closet space is precious.

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