The Magical Miracle All-Natural Cure For Cradle Cap

Image Source: Lauren Hartmann
Image Source: Lauren Hartmann

For the past few weeks, cradle cap has been the absolute bane of my existence. It grosses me out even though I know it doesn’t actually have anything to do with my baby being unclean, but that’s not my main beef with cradle cap. See, I’m a “picker”…sunburns, blemishes, you name it and I’ll pick it and therein lies the problem. Babies have sensitive scalps so I’ve realized I probably shouldn’t pick at Fern’s, so instead the flakiness just sits there atop her head taunting me. Because of this, I had to get rid of her cradle cap and stat!

I tried olive oil, coconut oil, dandruff shampoo and even a special cradle cap lotion, but nothing seemed to work and Fern’s scalp actually seemed to be getting worse.

BUT, then while perusing the internet I came upon a solution that seemed so weird that it just might work…and I was right!  Fern’s head cleared up right away with this magical, miracle treatment!

The magical cure for cradle cap is…………

Breast milk!

Yes. It’s true. I was totally surprised myself. I haven’t looked up the actual scientific reason why this works, but all I know is that right after I read it, I expressed a bit of milk (ok, let’s be real, I straight up squirted milk on her head) and rubbed it into her scalp and that was it. Cradle cap GONE! I didn’t wash her hair after and just let it soak in. The next day her scalp looked a little dry, but infinitely better than it had looked before.

That was about a week ago and we’re still looking good. I just squirt a little bit of breast milk on her head whenever it starts to look a little dry – usually once a day. If you want to be classier than me, you could always pump a little milk and then put it on your baby’s head, but I hate pumping, so I plan on sticking with my non-classy boob milk squirting ways.

Oh…and the best part of this cradle cap cure is that it’s F-R-E-E, which is music to my husband’s ears. Who knew breast milk was so magical? I kind of want to start putting breast milk on other things to see what happens – maybe I’ll discover a cure for something else cool!

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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