The Magical Miracle All-Natural Cure For Cradle Cap

"Look Ma! No more crusty head!"

For the past few weeks, cradle cap has been the absolute bain of my existence.  It grosses me out even though I know it doesn’t actually have anything to do with my baby being unclean, but that’s not my main beef with cradle cap.  See, I’m a “picker”…sunburns, blemishes, you name it and I’ll pick it and therein lies the problem.  Babies have sensitive scalps so I’ve realized I probably shouldn’t pick at Fern’s, so instead the flakiness just sits there atop her head taunting me.  Because of this, I had to get rid of her cradle cap and stat!

I tried olive oil, coconut oil, dandruff shampoo and even a special cradle cap lotion, but nothing seemed to work and Fern’s scalp actually seemed to be getting worse.

BUT, then while perusing the internet I came upon a solution that seemed so weird that it just might work…and I was right!  Fern’s head cleared up right away with this magical, miracle treatment!

Find out how I got rid of Fern’s cradle cap after the jump!

The magical cure for cradle cap is…………

Breast milk!

Yes.  It’s true.  I was totally surprised myself. I haven’t looked up the actual scientific reason why this works, but all I know is that right after I read it, I expressed a bit of milk (ok, let’s be real, I straight up squirted milk on her head) and rubbed it into her scalp and that was it.  Cradle cap GONE!  I didn’t wash her hair after and just let it soak in.  The next day her scalp looked a little dry, but infinitely better than it had looked before.

That was about a week ago and we’re still looking good.  I just squirt a little bit of breast milk on her head whenever it starts to look a little dry – usually once a day.  If you want to be classier than me, you could always pump a little milk and then put it on your baby’s head, but I hate pumping, so I plan on sticking with my non-classy boob milk squirting ways.

Oh…and the best part of this cradle cap cure is that it’s F-R-E-E, which is music to my husband’s ears.  Who knew breast milk was so magical?  I kind of want to start putting breast milk on other things to see what happens – maybe I’ll discover a cure for something else cool!


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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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