How to Encourage Your Baby to Crawl

I must admit that I was a little reluctant for Avery to become mobile. It’s been so nice to lay her under her entertainment center and let her look up at it and just roll around. But alas, she’s hitting her milestones and my job is about to get a little bit tougher.

Avery has been so close to crawling for over a week now. Every time that I lay her down on the ground she immediately rolls over and goes to her plank position. She kicks her legs, tries to push off and get going.

After a week of hardly getting anywhere, Avery has finally mastered the army crawl. Now it’s only a matter of time before she is full on crawling.  Now that she is mobile, I love encouraging her to get up on her knees and start crawling. She is so close to being there that I could sit there for hours being her coach.

After trying to put toys just far enough from her and her not having it, I was determined to find something to encourage her to crawl. And then, my oldest daughter stepped in and found the way to to her heart. It was a sure fire way to get her moving.

Check out my no fail plan in encouraging her to crawl after the jump!


  • I’m ready mom! 1 of 16
    I'm ready mom!
    This is the face she gets as soon as I let her down. Can't you tell how excited she is to roll over and move?
  • I’ve rolled over. Now what? 2 of 16
    I've rolled over. Now what?
    The look on her face is as if she isn't impressed. At this point I'm waiting for her to show me her moves, but she just wasn't having it.
  • This floor just isn’t interesting. 3 of 16
    This floor just isn't interesting.
    I'm still waiting for her to move, but with no incentive in sight, she doesn't want to do anything.
  • Here we go! 4 of 16
    Here we go!
    She's started to get her knees up and has started to move over to the side of the rug! Yay!
  • The plank. 5 of 16
    The plank.
    This is the position that she makes right before she is getting ready to start crawling.
  • My arms are tired! 6 of 16
    My arms are tired!
    I think her arms are getting tired at this point and she now has zero motivation to get moving.
  • What do you expect to see? 7 of 16
    What do you expect to see?
    She finally looks up at me with the camera with a look that just makes me laugh. She knew exactly what I wanted her to do, but she didn't want to give in.
  • Giving up. 8 of 16
    Giving up.
    This is the move she pulls when she doesn't want to go anymore.
  • The ‘aha’ moment! 9 of 16
    The 'aha' moment!
    I tried putting the toys in front of her to make her move. My toddler had a better idea. Let's put the colorful Baby Einstein playing iPad in front of her. Genius.
  • Which shall I choose? 10 of 16
    Which shall I choose?
    It's a tough decision Avery has on her hands. She wasn't sure which to choose.
  • Let’s see how these toys taste. 11 of 16
    Let's see how these toys taste.
    She tried the toys first, as those were the only choice that I would let her put in her mouth.
  • That iPad looks mighty interesting. 12 of 16
    That iPad looks mighty interesting.
    The toys just weren't her thing, so she decided to go for the iPad. Wise choice, my dear.
  • Yeah, I’ll choose the iPad. 13 of 16
    Yeah, I'll choose the iPad.
    She's confident in her decision on the iPad and is starting to make her moves!
  • Almost there! 14 of 16
    Almost there!
    The legs started moving and she was slowing on her way to crawling.
  • Keep going! 15 of 16
    Keep going!
    Taking a little break, but she's getting closer to the goal!
  • Success! 16 of 16
    And with that little touch she had finally reached the finish line, with the iPad in hand!

And that, my friends, is the way that I got Avery to crawl.

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