How to Keep a Baby Entertained on a Delayed Flight

Just when I thought I was a pro at flying with a baby, the universe throws me a curve ball. Avery and I were supposed to be home from our Atlanta trip early yesterday evening, but instead we are getting to the airport well after 10:00 p.m. at night. Due to bad weather in NYC, the airport we were flying into grounded all of its flights coming in and going out of it. So that left our flight grounded in Atlanta.

It wouldn’t have been such a big deal if it were only a slight delay, but this wasn’t a slight delay. It was a four-hour delay. Four entire hours stuck on an airplane that wasn’t moving, with a baby (here is the full story of our LONG crazy delay.) With Avery being only 5-months-old, it was a true test on my patience.

This is how I kept her busy:

  • Toys 1 of 10
    This was logically the first thing that I pulled out as soon as I heard we were delayed. I put a stash in her diaper bag for our trip and started going through each and every one of them until she just wouldn't take them anymore.
  • Play With the Crinkly Plastic From the Blanket Bag 2 of 10
    Play With the Crinkly Plastic From the Blanket Bag
    Shortly after I gave up on the toys, the flight attendant came around with blankets. I took one for myself and low and behold Avery loved the noise that the plastic on the bag made. That gave me another 10 minutes.
  • Play with the Camera on Your Phone 3 of 10
    Play with the Camera on Your Phone
    Avery loves looking at herself on the camera on my phone. So I pulled it out and we began to make faces about how we felt on being delayed. You can tell that Avery is very opinionated about the subject.
  • Look Out the Window 4 of 10
    Look Out the Window
    Our view out the window was the same for over four hours. I tried to let her look out to see the plane sitting next to us and all of the carts driving by. It worked for about five minutes.
  • Play in the Seat 5 of 10
    Play in the Seat
    Most of the people on our flight were going somewhere internationally and were connecting in NYC to go to their final destination. Because we were significantly delayed, the airline started making other flight arrangements for those passengers. That left us with many empty seats on the flight. I took advantage of it and let Avery play around and sit up (because she just learned how to do it.)
  • Make Funny Faces at Them 6 of 10
    Make Funny Faces at Them
    Avery came back to my lap and I laid her down and started making funny faces at her. Some got a big laugh, others weren't a hit. I'm sure I looked like a crazy person, but I was pulling out all my tricks at this point. We were going on hour number three at this time.
  • Walk Up and Down the Aisle 7 of 10
    Walk Up and Down the Aisle
    After sitting down for nearly three hours and no chance of leaving anytime soon, I got up and started walking up and down the aisles. I figured we would be sitting for a lot longer later, so we needed a change of scenery.
  • Make New Friends 8 of 10
    Make New Friends
    After three hours on the plane, you start to talk to the other passengers around you. Traveling alone with an infant tends to give you a lot of attention from others. I had these wonderful girls sitting near me that were drawn to Avery and wanted to play with her and hold her. I wasn't going to say no at this point and it was lovely!
  • Feed Them 9 of 10
    Feed Them
    We were nearing hour four and Avery's bedtime. She was rubbing her eyes and showing me all of the signs we were tired. I decided to feed her to try to relax her for a bit in hopes that she would soon go to sleep.
  • Beg for the Car Seat 10 of 10
    Beg for the Car Seat
    Because there were so many empty seats on our flight after they moved a lot of people to other flights, I knew it was an opportunity for Avery to get her own seat. I begged and begged and begged for them to bring up Avery's car seat from under the plane so she could sit and I wouldn't have to hold her (it had been over four hours.) They finally brought it up, I put her in and she gladly fell asleep. After nearly five hours, my work was complete.

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