How to Know When to Size Up on Diapers

As a first time mom, I am learning my way through a lot of things. Though I wish my baby had come with an instruction manual, he did come with subtle cues and an easily activated, very loud cry. He gets his concerns across, trust me. We have mastered how much and often to feed him, and when a diaper is too wet to keep on, among many other things. But there are a few other things we haven’t figured out.

One of the things we just got a lesson in was diapers. Specifically when to go up a size.

My baby was born absurdly petite, especially for being a week overdue. While in the hospital we had to use preemie diapers and even those repeatedly fell off his skinny little butt. When we got home, we found that the newborn size in a different brand stayed up better and made the switch. But at 5 weeks old, after 2 pee leaks in a day, I wondered if it was time to go up a size.

So I did what all first time moms should do- I consulted the experts. I asked other, more experienced moms and these were their suggestions about when to know when to size up.

-Repeated leaks when the diaper is on properly. Upon further consideration, we realized that our diaper leaks were the result of not pointing a key piece of anatomy down, but otherwise, all fluids have been contained.

-The tabs are far apart. The tabs should be on the center of the waistband, not all the way out on the hips.

-Theres a gap on the sides. There should not be skin underneath elastic part of the tab. That’s asking for a leak.

-The diaper is leaving red marks on the thighs and waist. Our baby is blessed with terribly sensitive skin, so he had red marks regardless of size, but if you can clearly see where the diaper elastic was pressing on the skin and it looks red and angry, it’s probably best to go up a size to reduce the pressure on the baby’s skin.

-If all else fails, check the weight. Most moms I surveyed said the starting weight of the next size up is a better indicator than the end weight of the smaller size.

And as someone had to remind me, remember if you try to size up too soon, like we did, you’ll use those diapers eventually, so it’s far from the end of the world. And it’s always a good idea to keep receipts if you buy multiple boxes/bags of diapers and you think you might be nearing the end of that size.

How did you know when to size up on your baby’s diapers?

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