How To Survive Moving To a New House With a Baby

Moving isn’t the most fun thing to do under “normal” circumstances, but throw in an infant and it gets infinitely more difficult and subsequently less fun; so you can imagine my lack of enthusiasm when it came time to pack up and move this past week.

My husband and I bought a wonderful home in a neighborhood we love – it’s a fixer upper, but it’s going to be a “forever home” once we’re finished…or at least a “many years home”.  This all sounds wonderful, but I was feeling more than a little overwhelmed.

How would we possibly manage to pack up our house, filled with four years worth of junk, and move while nursing and taking care of a 7-week-old baby?

Well, here are some things that helped me maintain my sanity during out move…

  • Recruit help 1 of 5
    Recruit help
    Calling up friends and family to help pack, move and unpack was a total life saver. I had no idea how much stuff we had until we started packing. Without help, I'm pretty sure I would've just raised the white flag and stayed in bed for a month. It was also great having extra hands to hold Fern and entertain her while we packed.
  • Behold the power of the baby swing 2 of 5
    Behold the power of the baby swing
    When entertaining just wasn't possible, we relied heavily on this little baby. There's just something about the rocking motion and the spinning overhead mobile - Fern never tires of it.
  • Take it one box at a time 3 of 5
    Take it one box at a time
    Instead of letting it all get overwhelming, my mantra became "one box at a time". It seemed like I was never going to be able to pack all of our stuff, but packing one box...totally doable. And after completing one box, I'd just start in on one more. It was also helpful to have boxes sitting out that I could add things to as I had time. I'd just grab something as I was leaving a room and add it to a box - with a baby, sometimes packing one or two items at a time is really all you can manage.
  • Convenience foods are key 4 of 5
    Convenience foods are key
    I've pretty much been living off of string cheese and cereal bars for the past week (and pizza and cereal). It's kind of like being in college all over again. Not my most nutritious choice ever, but hey - packing waits for no man.
  • Veg out 5 of 5
    Veg out
    Taking time away from packing in the evenings was the key to maintaining my sanity. We'd rent a movie and get take out and just relax, which would reenergize us for the next day's tasks.


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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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