How to Keep You and Baby Safe During a Tornado

Keeping you and a baby safe during a tornado
Keeping you and a baby safe during a tornado

Where I live in Texas is in what is known as tornado alley.


A few weeks ago when the North Texas area was hit with a series of tornadoes – I experienced having to take care of a baby and toddler in the midst of the storm. The husband was at work. Our 2 older kids were in lock down at their elementary school. Needless to say, it was an adventure.  Thankfully, we only have to do this duck and cover move to safety thing once to twice a year.

Protecting you and your baby during this bad weather season can be scary – but it ultimately your responsibility. Here are a few tips on how to stay safe during bad weather.

Learn How to Stay Safe with Baby During a Tornado

  • Watch the News 1 of 6
    Watch the News
    Get in the know if bad weather seems to be headed your way. The news can project if the conditions are right for a tornado.
  • Watch the Weather 2 of 6
    Watch the Weather
    While the news is a good place to start, ultimately you and your baby's safety is up to you. Tornadoes are random in nature and have been known to pop-up anywhere with the right conditions. If a tornado is near, or the conditions are ripe - note the sky color - often a greyish green. Check out cloud movement as well. Though do know there are rain wrapped tornadoes that aren't easy to spot in heavy rains.
  • Listen for Tornado Sirens 3 of 6
    Listen for Tornado Sirens
    A tornado siren is the ultimate tool telling you get you and your baby to a safe location NOW.
  • Safe Location 4 of 6
    Safe Location
    The safest place in your house to protect you in the event of a tornado is an interior room with no outside walls on the bottom floor of your house. Here is Texas, the majority of houses do not have basements. Our tornado safe room is our laundry room.
  • Baby and Safety 5 of 6
    Baby and Safety
    We have a toddler and a baby. I grabbed the baby's car seat and then the toddler a Bumbo. In the event of a duck and cover situation, should a tornado swoop over our house - I could easy cover both babies with these 2 devices. Plus, we were in the room for nearly 2 hours - keeping my toddler from running was essential.
  • Keeping Baby Entertained 6 of 6
    Keeping Baby Entertained
    As I said in the last slide, we were in our laundry room for nearly 2 hours. I had grabbed the iPad and some snacks to help ease the situation. Yo Gabba Gabba kept the boys entertained.

Stay safe. Tornados are violent and scary but by taking the proper precautions you can typically avoid injury to you and your baby. Unfortunately I can’t say the same for your house.

image source: Dallas Morning News

Have You Ever Experienced a Tornado With a Baby?

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