How to Take a Newborn to the Beach

Image Source: Thinkstock
Image Source: Thinkstock

I recently shared a list of 5 essentials for taking little ones to the beach here on the blog, but this week we conquered taking our 5-week-old to the seashore. The needs of a 6-month-old and a newborn are vastly different and it took some extra planning and considerations to ensure that our son stayed comfortable and protected while we enjoyed our time on the beach. I worried about everything from keeping him completely out of the sun, to protecting him from sand and heat.

But we enjoyed a week of taking Arlo out on the beach and these tricks helped us make his time and ours more enjoyable.

1. A covered beach shelter with a floor

A good beach shade is a must. Look for one that has a floor to it to protect the baby from sand. While a beach umbrella works great to protect adults from the sun, an open sided beach shade like the one we used this week is better suited to keeping infants sun and sand free on the beach.

2. A battery operated fan

Even with a nice ocean breeze, it was hard to escape the 95 degree temperatures on the Carolina coast. A $10 battery operated fan helped keep Arlo nice and cool.

3. A Bobby pillow

We debated bringing several different items for Arlo to rest in on the beach but finally settled on his Boppy pillow. It was lightweight and easy to carry onto the beach and provided him with enough support to keep him elevated but cool.

4. Baby powder

If your little one does happen to get sandy, a little dusting of baby powder can quickly remove any sandy without rubbing. Infant skin is so sensitive and even brushing sand away can cause a rash. It’s amazing how easily baby powder can remedy this!

5. Muslin swaddling blankets

Muslin swaddling blankets provide a lightweight, breathable cover over a car seat if you are transporting the baby from the car to the beach in their carrier. They also work great draped over the Boppy pillow as a lightweight “hammock” and if baby does get hot, pouring a bottle of water over one and laying baby on it can help them cool down quickly.

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