How to Write A Love Letter To Baby: Tips & Inspiration

Do you write love letters to your baby? Writing a love letter is a great way to document your baby’s childhood and build your family legacy. But what to say, and how to say it? The task can definitely seem daunting! Here are a few tips and inspiration to get you started to writing a love letter that will be cherished always.

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I write love letters. It's what I do. And like many moms, I write them to document my child's growth, our family heritage and all the nuances of their childhood that would otherwise be lost with new memories and milestones. Here are a few of my tips and bits of inspiration that I lean on when writing a love letter to my children.
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When writing a love letter to your kids, don't forget the details for their growth and milestones. Two new teeth keeping you and your infant up at night? Write those chompers a letter, asking them kindly to quit bothering your baby. A few fun photos of your infant showing off his new friends, and you've got yourself a funny love letter that your little one will remember always - even though they won't recall the pain or sleepless nights.
Love Is In The Details 3 of 10
Your toddler's silly grin, your infant's tiny fingers, even those unfortunately inherited toes, use your love letters as a way to document the details of your baby as they are right now. Our kids grow so fast; soon enough that smile will be toothless, full of braces, then ready to face the world. Tell your baby what you cherish about them now, knowing that the details of today will soon be the history of tomorrow.
Love Letters For Siblings 4 of 10
I can't get enough of these two, but setting the foundation of sibling love is a top priority of my parenting legacy. Consider writing third person love letters from one sibling to another, expressing what their relationship looks like today. Those letters may serve as a foundation of meaning and understanding to their common upbringing later in life. That is exactly what I'm trying to accomplish with a 365 project, The Meaning of Siblings.
Love Letter To Your Focal Feature 5 of 10
My daughter's hair garners her plenty of attention, and at only three years old, her locks are quickly becoming a part of her identity. Because of this, I write often about the relationship she has with her curly mixed hair in hopes that she loves her natural hair later in life. Whether your baby has red hair, big blue eyes or lots of freckles, consider writing love letters about these focal features. Your grown up baby will one day love to read them!
Love for Furry Friends 6 of 10
I wouldn't have thought to write a love letter in honor of our two shih-tzus. Alina would think otherwise. If your baby has a close relationship with your family pet, writing a love letter to document that special bond is a good idea. Our furry friends won't be around forever, so preserve their memories with a sweet love letter of their innocent friendship.
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When I sit down to write a love letter to my kids, I draw inspiration from an image. As I look at it, I wonder what they must be thinking. I wonder who they are, and who they want to be. In looking at an image, I think about how small, or big, they seen... and I write it all out. The ultimate love letter expresses your deepest wonderment, angst and emotions. A great love letter to your baby questions and answers how the world appears from their eyes. And the world is a beautiful place, so write with all the beauty that you can muster.
Love, And All That Sass 8 of 10
Love letters should document your love for your whole child - including the parts that aren't always so lovely. Hard days in parenting are real, and taking a moment to document them is truly a testament of your love. Terrible two's and the onset of threenagers are developments in your older toddler's personality that you will want to remember later on. Writing them a love letter, with a positive moral, will help tell a complete story of your baby's childhood.
Documet Your Family Legacy with Love Letters 9 of 10
As you continue to build your family legacy, write a love letter to your kids documenting what is important. Instead of a singular perspective, zoom out and look at the big picture. How does your baby impact your legacy, and that of your family's? What values do they reinforce by celebrating their first birthday? Whether dealing with infertility issues, being an only child, or one of many, your baby will love to know how they fit into the bigger picture of your family legacy.
Love Letters: Hopes & Dreams 10 of 10
More often than not, writing a love letter is about projection. And when writing a love letter to your baby, the opportunity to propel your hopes and dreams should be paramount. Tell them what you want for them, in detail. Tell them what you value most in friendships, a marriage, society. Ask them to work hard, save money or whatever your values dictate. While they'll know that your love for them is endless, understanding the world through your love letters will certainly be a legacy that they will cherish forever.

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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