How "Tummy Time" Is Like Baby Groundhog Day

Wee! I can roll!!!

We have now reached what I consider to be the first kind of significant milestone in a baby’s physical development. Yes, I am excited to announce that ….BABY G IS A ROLLER!  She had managed to flip herself over a few times before last week, but all of a sudden she now seems compelled to flop over onto her tummy anytime we put her on her back.

While it’s very cute that she can now perform this trick, and I am happy that she is obviously developing right on schedule (she will be 6 months old next week), the novelty of her rolling performance is kind of wearing off – fast. You see, before she could flip over, our easygoing baby girl would happily lie on her back on a blanket, kicking and cooing and inspecting her toes and fingers. This allowed me to sometimes do things like finish a meal without baby interruption. Now, however, she flips onto her tummy as soon as we set her free on the blanket, and she then somehow manages to roll over and over again until she ends up inches or even feet from where I intended for her to remain.

Sometimes she doesn’t try to roll herself into the next room, and instead just stays on her tummy, but that apparently isn’t a lot of fun. Like many babies, she doesn’t think much of the all-important tummy time so far.  She likes the fun of GETTING to her tummy, but once she’s there, she finds that she isn’t thrilled with the view. So she begins to fuss (a rarity for my sunshiney girl).  I then pick her up, put her back onto her back, where she flails about and giggles before dramatically re-launching her 13 pound body back over onto her tummy.

You get the picture here? She keeps doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. It’s like baby Groundhog Day or something.

When did your baby first start turning over? Did you ever have a roller-escapee who could roll his or her way into another area of the house if left unattended? And how about tummy time? Do you think it’s super important? Does your baby like it? Talk to me about rollovers in the comments below.




Article Posted 6 years Ago

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