How We’re Making Baby’s First Christmas Extra Special

How We're Making Baby's First Christmas SpecialEven though she’s still too young to really “get it,” Christmas this year is still pretty exciting because it’s Fern’s very first.

Despite the fact that she isn’t likely to remember any of the little things we are doing to make the season special, it’s still fun, because we’re starting our own traditions as a family; traditions that we can continue as she gets older and actually starts to care about Christmas.

We don’t get too crazy with gifts, but we would like to make Christmas a fun and memorable time filled with festive events and quality time.

Here are some ways that we’re making our baby’s first Christmas extra special – hope it gives you some fun ideas for your little ones!

  • Seeing Santa 1 of 10
    Seeing Santa
    I'm not really sure what we'll do about the whole "Santa thing" when Fern is old enough to care. My husband is anti-Santa and I'm moderately pro-Santa so it's still a debate. But, in the mean time, I took her to see Santa and it was pretty adorable. She was completely entranced by his beard! Definitely a fun memory for the holiday season.
  • Christmas tree hunting 2 of 10
    Christmas tree hunting
    We haven't always gotten a Christmas tree, but this year we started the tradition back up by heading to a local tree farm with Fern so she could "help" us choose the perfect one. She loved all the trees and I'm looking forward to repeating this tradition every year.
  • Snow show 3 of 10
    Snow show
    There happened to be a "snow show" at a nearby shopping center, so we headed out and Fern enjoyed the novelty of fake snow, but even more the giddy children all around.
  • Yearly ornament 4 of 10
    Yearly ornament
    My husband and I have picked out a new ornament for our tree each year and this year Fern received her first ornament. I plan on choosing a new one to give her each year a fun yet simple past time.
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  • A snowy day 5 of 10
    A snowy day
    We don't live in a place where we get snow on a regular basis, so the odds of having a white Christmas are pretty slim. But, we made sure Fern got to experience a little bit of snow in her holiday season while taking a weekend trip in the mountains. She was definitely a fan of snow.
  • Horse and carriage ride 6 of 10
    Horse and carriage ride
    I've always wanted to go on a horse and carriage ride at Christmas and was so excited to take Fern on a ride with my husband and her grandparents. Even though she may not understand that this is particularly festive, she was into petting the horse.
  • Personalized stockings 7 of 10
    Personalized stockings
    Fern got her very own personalized stocking this year and it's something I'm pretty excited about - it's so cute!
  • Stocking stuffers 8 of 10
    Stocking stuffers
    Stockings have always been my favorite part of Christmas and while we won't be buying Fern a ton of presents, we will be filling her stocking with fun little toys and baby-friendly treats - like these tiny little socks!
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  • Christmas Eve pajama tradition 9 of 10
    Christmas Eve pajama tradition
    Every Christmas Eve growing up we got to open up one present and that present was always a new pair of pajamas. I already have a pair of Christmas jammies just waiting for Fern to open on Christmas Eve!
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  • Lights and decorations 10 of 10
    Lights and decorations
    Even though she won't realize all the little details I've added to our decor to make it "Christmasy", I wanted to set a precedent that Christmas is a time to make the house look cozy and fun. She's definitely into the twinkle lights that I have hanging in every room though!

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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