How Will I Know When My Milk Comes In?

Now THAT is a lotta milk!

I have one more day left in the hospital with my daughter. Some time tomorrow I will be released to go home, along with her, and then the real fun will begin.  Yesterday my breast milk started to come in, just in time for her to slow down her nursing habit, because of course… she was getting full very quick and didn’t need to be at the breast for an hour at a time.

I didn’t think it was going to be a huge deal, until around 10pm last night when I was begging the nursing staff to bring me a breast pump so I could empty out what Addison had not eaten and actually be comfortable enough to lay down and sleep for the night.

No joke… less than 10 minutes produced somewhere around 28 ounces of milk. I was in so much shock I had to take a picture of it all, because I have never in my life experienced anything like it. Heck, with my older children, pumping wasn’t very effective, and I would be lucky if I could get eight ounces in a half hour of pumping. Whoa!

The nurse came to my room so that she could take the milk to be stored, and we got into a conversation about knowing when your milk is going to come in. We were giggling about the moms who ask how will I know when my milk comes in? Oh honey… I know it may be new to you, but when you wake up one morning and your boobs look like you got the Pam Anderson special overnight and a Buick is parked on your chest… that is the first indication.

During the first days after birth, most women will have colostrum, which is also nicknamed liquid gold.  It is pre-milk that has amazing anti-bodies and helps to boost your little one’s immune system. Every drop your baby gets is worth a ton in terms of their health!

After having a natural delivery, it is typically about two to three days before your actual breast milk comes in, and for most mothers who have had a C-section, it will take longer. On average, experts estimate that a Cesarean mother will get her milk when her little one is three to five days old. With my oldest two sons I got my milk in at about four days, postpartum.

This time around has been a giant surprise.  Two days postpartum I am pumping enough milk to feed half the babies in the nursery here at the hospital!  Whoa!

Don’t worry Moms… you will know when your milk comes in!  I promise!

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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