Huck The Peg Leg Crawler

Well, it finally happened. My baby done learned to crawl.

He’s been on the cusp of crawling for over a month and a half now, and I thought for sure he’d have figured it out sooner, but there it is. He’s a slow crawler. At ten months and three weeks I was sure he’d skip it all together! But, the man crawls, and now, HERE COMES THE DESTRUCTION!

I am terribly fascinated by crawling and how every baby seems to figure it out differently: traditionally on all fours, crab style on hands and feet, or else Huck’s method: the peg leg zombie pirate crawl.

I gotta tell you. The whole “crawling” thing was starting to get old. Will he crawl? Does he crawl yet? I felt a little tired of defending him all the time: “He’ll crawl when he’s ready! And if not, who cares!”

(More, including what finally got the crawling to “click” for him, after the jump!)

He seemed perfectly happy to get on his hands and knees, rock for a little bit, and then sit back down. It was like the idea of there being “more” out there he could do just hadn’t occurred to him!

He’d even gotten pretty proficient at sort of pivoting around, so much so that he figured out he could get on his knees for a bit and then sit down at a different angle, and if he did it enough, he could slowly work his way across the room. Not terribly efficient, but you know, who’s to say a person needs to crawl, anyway?

Well, he’s crawling now, so. The best part? He looks like a dead zombie pirate crawling from his murky grave.  He crawls on one knee and one foot, like a peg leg. It’s hysterical.

What finally worked to put two and two together in his head was a trip to the local sand box. Something tells me he doesn’t get enough good traction on our hardwoods!

At what age did your babies learn to crawl? Did you try to help them? Or just let them at it? Were you concerned if they were late crawlers?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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