My Husband and His Poop Radar

smelly diapersWe have 4 kids. From their first diaper change in the hospital to potty training as toddlers, my husband is there ready to help in whatever way the babies or I need him to.

Something I discovered early on in our child rearing years is my husband’s amazing ability to sniff out poop. If one of our babies has a dirty diaper, that man will be able to smell it. Funny enough, years ago his nose lost it’s ability to smell many things like flowers, candles or even my perfume. But poop – yeah, he has a built-in poop radar, a poopdar.

This is all great and all with our kids, but something else my husband possesses s major distaste for the smell of other peoples’ kids’ smelly diapers.

If a stinky baby that we didn’t make is around – my husband can’t hang. The smell makes him sick, his gag reflex goes into high gear and chances are he’ll make a quick departure for fresh air.

Maybe it’s my maternal instinct. A smelly baby to me is a baby that needs to be changed – whether it’s my kid or the neighbor’s – let’s get that baby changed people!  While I wouldn’t say I necessarily enjoy the smell of poop or that wiping butts are a highlight in my life, I’m happy to help – changing poop and all.

To our church that is need of nursery volunteers – I say you try recruiting my husband. **love you hubs**

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Do You Have a Maternal Instinct to Change a Dirty Baby or Do You Go Running?

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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