I Am NOT a Bad Mom For Needing a Break!

Save Me!


I think I am going crazy!

No, seriously … I am in serious need of some alone time… no kids, no nursing babies, no husband … just no one. Quiet. Peace and quiet. Silence, maybe a manicurist … but with the stress of the holidays I am totally at my wit’s end.

And I know I am not the only mother out there who is one Christmas meltdown away from blowing a gasket.

After reading recently that mothers who work outside of the home tend to be the happiest, it totally makes sense to me. Why? Because the more time you spend with your kids, and the less time you have to decompress, and interact with adults, the more I find, at least me personally, the more short I get with my own children.

I know I am not the only one out there either because other moms have told me they feel the same way. Even a friend of mine who was a stay-at-home mom for almost two years, and was thrown right back into working full time after a divorce, agrees with me.

I love my job but some days I dream of jumping on the Metro North train right out of Connecticut and into New York city every day for work … a girl can dream right?

I certainly know once one more of our children is in a school program life will get a little easier. But man, I am almost dreaming of the days when all three of my kids are in school …

Then I daydream about having a newborn in the house again …

Honestly, I just think I am losing my mind all the way around.

One of my new year’s resolutions just so happens to be taking more time for myself. My husband gets 1-2 days off a week, depending on the week, and while I want to spend time with him, I am going to be taking some ME time. In the long run it will be better for everyone in our house!  I promise!


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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