I Bailed on the 1st Birthday Cake Smash — and You Can, Too

That’s right, I denied my baby her Pinterest birthright to smash cake all over the place and into every crease and cranny of her little self.

Although I made a second “cake smash” cake for my daughter’s birthday party, at the last minute I bailed. Together she and I blew out her candle. I paused for a nanosecond, and then said “Oh, I guess she’s not going to do it!”  I scooped the cake up and rushed it over to the counter to slice up. My mind was still racing, “She’s going to smash cake everywhere and then what?”, was I going to ignore our guests while I wrestle her into the tub, wash her hair, change her clothes, etc? Surely I can’t let her stomp around smearing icing on the walls and inevitably everyone else’s clothes. I can’t even keep up with the Cheerios on the floor, much less cake everywhere. And then, what about the post-cake smash outfit? Another party dress? Do I have to think about that as well?

I’m actually not an obsessive-compulsive housekeeper at all. I’m all for kids playing with their food, jumping in the mud, and using Elmer’s glue before they’re old enough to say “popsicle stick.” However, I don’t try to entertain 30 guests at the same time. And take photos. And speaking of photos, am I the only one who thinks food all over a baby’s face is not actually cute? Never mind, I probably am.

So, if the cake smash is a 1st birthday prerequisite, then I failed.  I’ll try for a do over around her 21st birthday instead.


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