I Changed My Mind

Two weeks ago I was in the hospital welcoming my son Evan to the world.

After giving birth to my first almost 6 years ago I never thought I’d be at it again. I was completely happy with just one child and felt I had it all–a wonderful son, a great career, a fabulous marriage. Don’t get me wrong, life was tough and hectic just like it is for everyone. But I felt in control. The thought of adding one more variable in the form of another child scared the hell out of me. There was no way I could manage it and I truly believed it would be the straw that broke the camels back.

So I declared…

“No more kids!” to everyone who asked. I joked about how I “got it right the first time” and there was no need to try again. I argued with fellow mom’s who thought having one was “unfair to my child.” I was happy with my decision I really had no desire to add a forth person to my family. No one was going to convince me otherwise.

Then something happened.

Something every mom goes through sooner or later.

My son started preparing for kindergarten.


When did this happen? Did 5 years really fly by? My little boy was growing up so fast!

I started to reminisce his first few years. Sure there were a lot of challenges but it was fun. I get tears I my eyes thinking about his first steps, his first words and even potty training.

All of a sudden something felt missing. Or should I say someone?

I could do it again. Right?

I’m still young. I now work for myself. My son is a very independent 5 year old.

I can totally do this.

I WANT to do this!

The husband was in shock. We were both sold on only having one and now I simply changed my mind?

Yup. It happens and I’m glad it did or I would have never met Evan.

I never apologized for only wanting one and I’m not about to apologize for changing my mind.

I’m now the content mother of 2 boys and I couldn’t be happier.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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