I Don't "Do" Public Changing Tables

I’m pretty relaxed when it comes to cleanliness. Don’t get me wrong, we’re clean people, but I’m by no means afraid of a few germs.

For instance, if we’re at home and one of my kids drops their snack on the ground, the 5 second rule applies! Go ahead, pick it back up, brush it off, and dig in. It’s (probably) still good! And when it comes to bathing my kids, once or twice a week is fine by my standards.

But I draw the line at public changing tables and stations. I simply cannot bring myself to using them. The thought of putting my adorable little baby on a sticky communal diaper changing table at a random gas station makes me want to dry heave.

I rather do a cannon ball in my own toilet. Extreme? Maybe.

So what do I do when we’re out in public and diaper duty calls?

The solution is simple. I carry my own changing pad, and I make no apologies for changing the baby anywhere other than the nasty public restroom.

Sometimes, I’ll go back to the car and change his pants on the drivers seat.

If we’re outside and a park or playground, I’ll find a discrete area in the grass and get the job done there.

And when all else fails, assuming we’ll be home within the hour, yes I’ll admit that baby Paul is just going to have to sit in his stink for a few minutes until we get home. Sorry about your luck Paul, but momma’s saving you from the bubonic plague.

For instance, last night we were at a minor league baseball game when Paul had a minor blow-out. Not an earth shattering blowout by any means, but enough that he needed a full costume change. Instead of going to the restroom, I just laid a swaddling blanket down on his stroller, reclined the seat as far as it would go, and with the help of my husband (yes it took two of us), we swapped out the dirty diaper and onesie for a complete clean ensemble. It took less than three minutes, and I bet nobody even saw us in action.

How about you? Do you brave the public changing table?

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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