I Don’t Need Nursing Pads — Or Do I?

My milk supply came in slowly. Really slowly. It took me months to build up enough supply just to keep Tate fed. I never got engorged. I never had the leak all over the place, wake up in a puddle problem. I held on to wearing nursing pads mostly out of fear. What if I just started leaking for no reason and I ended up with a wet shirt? So, I walked around with those lumpy pads for four long months.

When the Costco-sized box of pads was finally empty, I made the executive decision not to buy any more. And it felt good. I felt good. I felt more confident, because the lumps were finally gone. And it was wonderful.

Fast forward to early this morning, I woke up in a wet haze. With Tate beside me I tried to reason out what had made the bed wet. Had he leaked out of his diaper, or spit up in his sleep? It took me a few minutes to realize that Tate wasn’t the source — I was. Tate must have gone a bit longer between feedings because I leaked milk all over the place.

I still don’t think I need the nursing pads. This is only the first leak I’ve had in almost a month, but it did make me give the whole situation a second thought.

Did any of you give up on nursing pads only to have a leakage situation?

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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