I'm Dreading Introducing My Baby to Solid Food

Do you hear that sound? That’s me dragging my feet over the idea of introducing Arlo to solids. I was so excited and eager to do so with my first born that she had had a month’s worth of fresh, pureed steamed peas and roasted butternut squash under her belt by the time she was 6 months old. Arlo hits the 6 month mark next week, which is when it is recommended to start introducing your baby to solids but I just don’t want to.

Introducing solids means a more complicated meal time. It means the end of not-so-scary dirty diapers. It means two sticky, messy children at every meal and more things to bring along when we travel and more than anything it means my baby is one more step towards being less of a baby.

But that’s the thing with motherhood our biggest goal is to keep moving these little ones forward even when we just want to sit still and soak up their current stage.

I can feel the ominous cloud of starting solids looming on the horizon. I’ve decided we’re going to wait until at least 7 months and then… I don’t know what we’ll do. Maybe we’ll go the homemade puree route that I took with my daughter. Maybe we give baby lead weaning a try (although I’m not sure how well I’ll handle all the gagging. I panic every.single.time my oldest has ever gagged on her food) Maybe we’ll do a combination of the two and let Arlo show us which he prefers.

All I know is that this is a necessary next step – one that he is sure to enjoy. Hopefully we’ll figure out a plan that I can enjoy too.


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Article Posted 7 years Ago

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