I Got a Baby Nurse for Christmas

For the holidays, I went out to my father’s empty summer house with my husband, my three-year-old Mazzy, my newborn Harlow and one more very special guest— a baby nurse.

We’ve been having lots of trouble with Harlow sleeping— she has acid reflux so after she eats, she’s highly distressed and I can’t just put her back to bed. One month in and I was quickly going mad. When I started snapping at everyone around me, including Mazzy, I knew I needed to get help.

Also, my husband had started to debate going away for the holidays altogether. His argument was everyone would sleep even worse if we were not at home with all our stuff. My father’s house was really not set up for kids.

I had been locked up in our two-bedroom apartment for four weeks and wanted nothing more than a change of scenery, so I proposed the baby nurse plan. A friend of mine used a baby nurse after both her sons were born and recommended them highly. I called the agency she used and they said they had someone we could use for $250 a day (including the night which is the whole point).

Mike thought that was a lot of money to spend for a couple of days but I made an executive decision. I wanted help and I was prepared to pay for it. For my sanity, my marriage, my children and to save our family vacation. Also, I thought if I could get Harlow to sleep well for two nights than her temperament might improve after that as well. The same, of course, went for ME.

We hired a woman named Lorraine and she met us at my father’s house. And I am happy to say, we spent the next two days having the most blissfully relaxing holiday weekend.

Harlow stayed in a room with Lorraine and she would take care of her when I wasn’t nursing. I was able to sleep through the night, thanks to late night pumping. Mazzy got much needed baby-free time with Mommy. Daddy got to take an actual vacation off from work.

It was a little weird having a stranger look after our baby for a short span of time but it was well worth it. On Sunday, when Lorraine left and Harlow was back in my arms and solely my responsibility, I looked at her with love, not a hint of resentment.

That night, when she woke up to be fed, I did it with care and not as a crazy person who would kill to go back to sleep.

Getting a baby nurse ended up being the best possible Christmas present to myself, my family and most of all, my baby.


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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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