I Have A Diaper Question.

diapersI use disposable diapers. There I said it. I do feel guilty about it, but clearly not enough to actually start using cloth diapers, especially since my baby has just started eating solid food and his poops are about to get really stanky.

I have a question about his diaper size? He’s about 19lbs, maybe a little less. He’s much more evenly proportioned, unlike the Shnook who just had the biggest thighs and belly you have ever seen on a baby. ¬†Shnook was nearly 21lbs at the same age as Fuzz and I could not get a pair of pants to fit him. He was wearing 12-18 month clothing at 6 months but the legs of the pants were so long I had to roll them up. He was in size 4 diapers because those seemed to be the only ones that got around his waist. Then, he stayed in that size until he was almost two years old.

Fuzz is currently in a size 3 and they fit him really well. He’s had a growth spurt and he’s a lot longer. Plus he’s moving around a lot more lately, so I think his chunk rate is slowing down. However…lately he’s been blowing out his diaper a bunch. He definitely did this in other smaller diapers as well, but it seems like if it’s not up the back, it’s out the legs. I’m not sure if it has to do with how he’s sitting when he actually has his explosion but it’s really rare that I change a poop diaper these days without changing a whole outfit. Could this mean that he needs a bigger size? I’d be sad to move on to size 4’s already because:

1) I just got a case of the 3’s and

2) There are 20 more diapers in a case of 3’s than a case of 4’s–that’s like four extra days of diapers for the same price!

3) Technically, the weight limit for size 3 is 16-28lbs, and size 4 is 22-37lbs so a 4 seems WAY too big, right?

I’ve heard through the momosphere that blow-outs mean it’s time to go up a size. But is this really true? Or are blow-outs just a fact, no matter what size the baby wears?

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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