I Knew My Baby Wasnt a Newborn Anymore When ______ (Readers Respond!)

Baby girl
It's a precious face, but it's no longer the face of a newborn

One size definitely doesn’t fit all, particularly when it comes to realizing your itty-bitty baby isn’t so itty-bitty anymore.

Yesterday we posted on the 11 entirely unscientific ways we knew our babies weren’t newborns anymore. And many of you responded with your own methodology.

Here are some of our favorite responses about when you knew your baby was no longer a newborn:

They start screaming and start pulling the crap out of your hair, then laugh about it.
– Katelyn

When you see a younger, smaller baby…and it gets more attention than yours…
– Bre

Drool kicked in
– Kelly

Mine was born a 3-month-old! LOL . . . Never even fit newborn clothes/diapers . . . I’d say when she say up on her own I realized it!
– Amanda

Premie clothes wouldn’t fit.
– Ashley

When he stopped falling asleep anytime, anywhere.
– Karen

When she didn’t need a swaddle to sleep anymore.
– Bernice

When she started making icky faces while eating food.
– Lindsey

It hits me now . . . She will be 7 months on Saturday . . .She sits up on her own, crawls, stands up on her own, carries on a baby talk conversation (including yelling or slapping me to get my attention), giggles, waves, eats crackers and cookies, knows how to give kisses. Ugh I’m crying!!!
– Alexandra

He laughed out loud.
– Kim

When they started sleeping through the night.
– Pamela

When she called me “Mama” the first time . . . I felt truly like mom at that point . . . now I wish she’d stop screaming my name all the time!!
– Prussia

When newborn clothes at the store looked SO tiny.
– Julie

When he wouldn’t snuggle on my chest anymore!
– Valerie

When she calls me to have some baby conversations and thinks she’s sooooo big.
– Marta

I would try to tuck him in like a burrito and he would unwrap himself.
– Maria

When he got head control.
– Sarah Krill

When he didn’t look like an old wrinkly man anymore.
– Chelsea

When she didn’t fall asleep in my arms anymore.
– Erica

She drove out of our driveway.
– Boomer Grandparents

My baby is 1 and it never occurred to me that she wasn’t a newborn anymore . . .
– Echo

When he grew out of the infant car seat at 9 months . . . They grow waaaay too fast.
– Alisa

When she laughed at silly faces I made at her.
– Tierra

When his umbilical cord fell off. I cried like an idiot.
– Allison

When I was watching birth videos on FB and YouTube, and realized the 1-year-old I was nursing was no longer a baby, but a toddler! I need another baby!
– Lynda

Image: Meredith Carroll

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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