I Miss the Smell of My Babies

I’m at a conference in Nashville where I am not merely an attendee but a mentor and official staff photographer. With all of these responsibilities I left Vivi back in Indiana in the very capable hands of her mom away from mom (my very good friend Ami) and her dad. But oh! If it wasn’t hard to leave that sweet little baby behind. This morning I woke up without her singing and without her warm, squashy pajama covered body to squish. I’ll also go through a day in dry clean only clothes without the fear of poop getting on me and my face will stay free of sweet potatoes being spit at it (not to mention I got to sleep in this morning.)

But oh, do I miss those two little girls I left back home.

Plenty of other babies will be here, in fact my roommate is bringing her 5-week-old son, but none of them will fill that space that Vivi does so well at filling.

I visited a friends room last night who brought her 7-month-old, he cured me of my baby noise and baby smile needs, but he doesn’t smell the same or feel the same. Any baby to snuggle is better than no baby at all…but nothing beats snuggling with your own. Even Addie at seven years old still loves a good snuggle and she knows exactly the best way to fit into my lap. I usually bring one of her blankets along with me on trips but this time I forgot. I love the way the smell of her shampoo and sleeping body.

Vivi generally smells a bit like coconut oil and fresh laundry and if her dad has been holding her she has a bit of a manly soap scent for a moment. Her hair is ridiculously soft and her cheeks are the most magical combination of soft and squishy.

I love my job and the opportunities it provides me, but dang, if I don’t miss my babies like crazy when I’m away.

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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