I Took a Baby to a (Blog) Conference

Two weeks ago today, Paul and I were attending the blog conference, Blissdom, at the Opryland Hotel in Nashville, Tenn.

So many people I bumped into throughout the weekend commented on how “brave” I was to take a needy infant to a conference. Honestly, my experience was just the opposite.

While it was true we were missing many of the everyday conveniences of home, (like the baby bath, boppy pillow, and bouncy seat), it was a refreshing to be able to spend a weekend bonding with my 4th born baby.

A few things Paul learned and got to experience:

  • Baby Boredom. 1 of 11
    Baby Boredom.
    Paul fell asleep during one of the most compelling sessions I attended.
  • Lack of schedule. 2 of 11
    Lack of schedule.
    At home, we kind of have a rhythm going on, mostly because of his older siblings busy schedules. But at the conference, Paul did his own thing, sleeping and eating when he wanted to.
  • Live music lullabies. 3 of 11
    Live music lullabies.
    Paul didn't care if Rascal Flats or Joe Jonas was performing. When lounge time called, sleep he would.
  • Roadtrippin’ 4 of 11
    This was Paul's first ever road trip. He had the best seatmates possible, and thankfully the 5 hour trip didn't phase him!
  • Celebrities. 5 of 11
    If you're 7 weeks old, I'm sure it's on your to-do list to meet dudes like Chris Mann. Chris is going to win The Voice this year, I just know it.
  • Put a ‘stach on it! 6 of 11
    Put a 'stach on it!
    You sleep, you get 'stashed. It's just like college.
  • Friends will miss their babies and want to hold you. 7 of 11
    Friends will miss their babies and want to hold you.
    So many women, missing their own babies towards the end of the conference. Paul provided cuddles and coo's on demand.
  • The Lorax. 8 of 11
    The Lorax.
    A short creature your mom really wanted her picture taken with.
  • Tubs! 9 of 11
    Gone are the days of proper baby bathing. If your mom takes you to a conference, you'll get a sink bath, but it's all good...
  • Sleepy time! 10 of 11
    Sleepy time!
    When all else fails, put a sleepy hat on and snore some more.
  • Professional public nursing. 11 of 11
    Professional public nursing.
    Over the course of the 3 day conference, you will get really good at nursing under the sheet.

I went to the conference with a carefully considered and open agenda. My job first and foremost was to attend to Paul, and spend a few relaxing days away from the craziness of home.

I loved the conference! Even with all the time spent caring for Paul, I still managed to learned a ton about social media, and found a few moments to connect with friends.

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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