I Wish This Wearable Baby Monitor Was Around 6 Months Ago!

baby monitorI can’t even begin to number how many sleepless nights I’ve spent standing over my foster baby’s cribs worrying as they sleep. Newborns appear so fragile and can be incredibly still in their sleep. Is she breathing? Is she alive? I ask again and again. Many moms have told me they felt the same way, but a new baby monitor could fix that.

Sproutling, a new start-up, is a graduate of Lemon Labs, and they have created a wearable monitor that is kidney-shaped and cute! Parents fasten the monitor to their baby’s ankles and then watch the baby’s breathing, heart rate, temperature and much more from an app on their Iphone. Yeah, that’s right, we can obsess about all new kinds of “Is this normal” questions down to our baby’s sleeping patterns.

While the monitor adds on to a parent’s list of body functions to worry about for their baby (at least for someone like me), this is balanced out by being assured that a text message alert with be sent out if there’s ever a concern.

It’s genius, and I would have slept so much better!

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