If You've Got It, Refrain From Flaunting, Please

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Wendy Thompson Selwyn and Ann Russo in Parktime

I was thinking back to when I was in the throws of my sleep deprivation with Shnook. I was at our postpartum yoga class when one of the moms smugly proclaimed that her baby regularly slept eleven hours in a row, and he was only eight weeks old. Our instructor smiled at her and gently said: “I would keep that to myself if I were you.” The rest of us, with bags under our eyes and steam coming out of our ears, hadn’t seen more than two hours in a row since we were six months pregnant.  Furthermore, every time another friend’s facebook status reads something like: “The baby slept 12 hours!! Yay!!” I have a similar fire that explodes in my belly.

I really want to be happy for these people. Really, I do. But sleep deprivation does something to the brain. It makes you easily angry. Easily annoyed. Easily on the cusp of violence.

Similarly, posts and mentions indicating one’s overabundant milk supply could offend those that might be having difficulty. When ladies on my yahoo group are bewildered as to what to do with their freezer overflowing with pumped milk, I’m sure it pisses many people off.  If you are a dairy queen, don’t flaunt your ounces (unless you plan on donating them).  If your baby is a sleeper, don’t flaunt your hours (too bad you can’t donate sleep).  It’s just not polite to the rest of us.

Check out this hilarious web series: Parktime Episode 2: HYPERLACTATION, by my friend Zach Selwyn and his brother Jesse Selwyn, about ladies who hyperlactate in front of a poor struggling new mom.

Have you had a flaunter ruin your day?


Article Posted 6 years Ago

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