Illinois Mom Breaks Guinness World Record for Breast Milk Donation

milk1I’ve always been envious of those breastfeeding moms that have a large supply of breast milk. I’ve breastfed all three of my children but have found it hard to maintain my supply once they start eating solids. It’s then that I have to try alternative methods to increase my supply.

One mom in Illinois has the exact opposite problem that I have and is using her large milk production for a good cause. Amelia Boomker of Bolingbrook, Illinois, has donated more than 16,321 ounces of breast milk to the Indiana Mothers’ Milk Bank since becoming a mom in 2008. Her donation broke the Guinness World Record of breast milk donation, which was previously 14,200 ounces donated by a mom in Texas.

And even with this large supply, Boomker herself was never able to successfully breastfeed her four children, which led her to exclusively pump. She pumped after each pregnancy and would donate all of the milk that she had left over. Her key to successful pumping? Consistency. She tells TODAY Moms that she planned her entire life around pumping.

Because of her dedication, her donation of milk is going to help premature and ill infants in neonatal intensive care units throughout hospitals in the Midwest. Her milk has made more than 4,000 bottles and has helped saved the lives of thousands of babies.

I only pump once a day to try to gather a supply to store in my freezer for emergency purposes, and I know that it requires me to still stay on a schedule to make sure that I maintain it. I know how much work it takes to set aside the time, wash all of the parts, measure out the milk for the bottle. And I’m only doing this once a day! I am in awe of Boomker’s dedication to not only her children, but for the thousands of children she has helped along the way. It’s through her dedication that we can all learn the importance of breast milk donation.

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