I’m Intimidated By My Breast Pump

Does anyone else find this totally intimidating?

Breastfeeding is one of those things I have worried about for months and months, from way back in the early days of pregnancy.  My husband tried to tell me, “It’s no big deal.  Milk comes out and you feed him.”  But I knew it had to be a lot more complicated than that.


After my son was born, I took full advantage of all the hospital nurses.  I asked questions, had them evaluate my latch, and even let them re-position my boob when needed.  It’s true that modesty is checked the minute you are admitted for delivery.

In three shorts weeks, I have done countless feedings round the clock, so it’s safe to say that I’m definitely getting the hang of it.  But all the books that I’m reading are telling me that babies should be introduced to the bottle around four weeks.  I feel like I just started breastfeeding and got into the swing of things, and already I’m supposed to be changing it up?

I keep reading and re-reading the chapters on pumping, and for whatever reason I find the whole process to be SO intimidating. When do I pump?  How often?  Will it affect my milk supply (which I’m already freaking out might be low)?  What about milk storage?  I don’t want to poison my baby with spoiled milk!

I work at home, so pumping is not a necessity.  But I would eventually like to be able to leave my house for more than 30 minutes at a time.  More importantly, I’d like my husband to feel like he can be alone with our baby without worrying that he doesn’t have all the necessary resources to take care of him.

Something about this $400 (!) contraption with tubes and suction cups is really stressing me out, which I realize is ridiculous.  I know if I just bite the bullet and go for it I’ll figure it out, just like I did with breastfeeding.  But taking the plunge is proving to be harder than I anticipated.

Can any experienced moms give some tips to this newbie pumper?

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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