I'm Intimidated By Planning A First Birthday Party

This is what my party will not look like.

I actually can’t even believe I’m talking about a first birthday party. Certainly no child of mine is even close to turning one. But alas, it is true. Ten months have cruised by while I’ve been busy watching other moms plan parties and thinking about how my little peanut is still so little and tiny. Except that he’s not anymore.

So I decided to embrace it and dive into all the fun that is planning a birthday party! Or so I thought. Man, have you guys been to a first birthday party lately? I haven’t, but Pinterest is letting me know that all first birthdays now require an elaborate theme, desserts that take several days to hand-make and decorate, rented entertainment, craft tables, elaborate party favors, and a buffet table that could easily be mistaken for a wedding spread.

I was just thinking perhaps we’d have some balloons and cake, no?  I know Pinterest is a great tool for inspiration and organization, but more often than not, I feel like it just ends up making me feel inadequate and untalented. For the moms who are planning these over the top first birthday festivities – props to you. I guess if I knew how to hand sew party favors and make thousands of fondant flowers, perhaps I would. Okay, probably not. But it does make me wonder, if this is just the first birthday party, what do you do for the second? The tenth  The SIXTEENTH? Can you even imagine?

Birthdays are supposed to be a celebration of fun, not a competitive event between moms to out-craft one another. I hope that years from now, Cullen looks back at the photos of his party and sees a room full of people who love him, a grandma who flew across the country to celebrate, and a cake that is imperfectly frosted but made with love.

I’m going to save renting bounce houses, fancy caterers, and lighting his name up in the sky with fireworks for future birthday parties. Or perhaps his wedding. Or probably never. Our party most likely won’t get re-pinned, but I hope it will be remembered.

(Photo from Pinterest)

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