I'm Melting! Ahhh! I'm Melting!

Take that! (Phhhttt. Burgeoning crisis. Nah.)

No matter how crazy our days get, what with potty-training and late night (3am) slumber parties. (Read: toddler no longer sleeps through the night, joining his sister in our bed to NOT sleep). Add to that being (me), full-on into my busiest time of year and wanting nothing more than to take long strolls wearing Abby, wrapped up in fall knits with leaves crunching underfoot.

No matter how torn I feel between my choices on full-time daycare, working from home and hiring help vs. not ‘working’ at my business but working solely as a mom and home-maker…Well. Lets just say I’m feeling rather all over the boards these days. Which I know many momma’s go through. But still.

No matter how manic my Monday; wherein the devil it would seem has come to dump 200 emails at my feet and to wave deadlines in my face that I am not making, to jab at me, neenering – ‘you can’t do it’.

No matter any of that, there will always be this. This love. This beauty. These humans who have carved all the space there is in my heart and have settled in there for life. I must be doing something right. So verging meltdowns? Take that. You’ve got nothing on me. On us.

Melt. The good kind.


Kam. Pow!
Eyes alive with wonder.
Taken by said potty-training tot who occasionally misses the target and likes to splash in his pee as if they were puddles and then dive/slide head-long into it, Kevin Bacon styles. All in the blink of an eye.

So ye mommas who be overwhelmed. Know that you are part of an official club. And that no matter what, we are rocking it. Even when un-showered with a left-eye twitch with the desire to run hollering off into the far distance. What I think I’ve learned is that there is no perfect ideal and whatever choices I make about motherhood, a small part of me will always be wishing to do the other. Them’s the breaks. No joiners, no quitters.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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