I'm SO Over Pumping…

Goofy me and yes, that's breastmilk in my hand.
Goofy me and yes, that's breastmilk in my hand.

…and I miss my kids but I’m having a blast!

I don’t think I have ever experienced this level of guilt and greatfulness at the same time (I’m at BlogHer in case you missed it.) Maybe it’s the 4-5 pump sessions a day that keeps me in both camps.

I’ll begin to get lost in a session or a party only to be reminded of my motherly duties by the two throbbing, leaking, rocks on my chest.

It hasn’t been as difficult as I thought. Every 4-5 hours I run up the room for a few minutes and relieve the pressure. I’ve been shocked how much milk I’m actually getting. Last night I overnighted around 30oz and I already have 16 more in the fridge. Each nursing session is producing 4-5 ounces. More than I’ve ever pumped before.

The hotels has been VERY accommodating. The fridge in the room was not adequately cold enough, so I called the front desk and they sent me a medicinal unit. In reality it’s just a mini-fridge that runs very cold but it’s been perfect. I simply crank it up to the coldest temps and the milk is kept super cold/almost freezing and my cold packs are all solid in the freezer.

Shipping was also easier than I thought. I simply put the expressed breastmilk in a collapsable lunch cooler with ice packs. I sandwiched the milk between 2 packs and then squished as many as I could around the sides. The cooler fit into a standard $2.00 FedEx box.

I called to get the box picked up 4PM yesterday. It cost about 100 bucks for priority overnight which seemed expensive to me at first, but when I put it in perspective of purchasing formula, it didn’t bother me as much.

My husband received the shipment this morning at 9:30am and the ice packs were barley defrosted.

I can’t believe it worked! All my fussing and stressing seems to unnecessary now but isn’t that always the case. Ahhh good old hindsight. 😉

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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