I'm Starting an IUD Fan Club (And Other Short Stories)

I have a rule that I do not discuss my sex life on the internet and I’ve debated if talking about birth control falls into that category. So I made a mental addendum to my rule,  “Do not discuss your sex life on the internet, but discussing pregnancy prevention is totally acceptable as long as you don’t provide a play by play analysis on how many times you’ve tested its effectiveness.” And all was right in the world again. (Now you know how my strange mind works)

With that out of the way, let’s talk birth control! I was a pill girl for years and years. I liked the ritual of taking that little round pill everyday and I liked the monthly assurance in the form of my period that it had, in fact, done its job once again. BUT THEN, I messed up. I ran out of birth control a few months after moving from San Francisco, CA to Raleigh, NC and just a week shy of a trip to Spain with my husband and 8 month daughter. One extra glass of wine and a view of the romantic Spanish countryside later, and I was holding my breath for my monthly friend to make her visit.

Except she didn’t, and the rest my friends, is brilliant, thank-goodness-for-slip-ups, baby Arlo history.

But here’s the thing. We really, truly mean it this time when we say that we want to take our time. Seductive Spanish vacations or not, we’d like to limit our chances of adding any additional bambinos to our brood to oh, say .01% (until we’re ready for more).

At my six weeks post-partum appointment, I discussed my options with my midwife and decided that an IUD would be the best fit for my needs. I was kind of freaked out by it because I had only known the pill and it was weird to think they were going to put something up in there. And what if it just fell out one day and would I be able to feel it? And some women stop having their period completely on it. Others spot for months at a time. (So many questions and what ifs!) I was a bit apprehensive as to how my body would handle this new foreign object birth control.

I chose Mirena – which continually releases a low dose of hormones for up to 5 years and can be removed at any time should we decide we are ready for another baby. Having it put in was uncomfortable for about 30 seconds and then that was it.  I’ve barely thought about it since and now that I have two children to keep up with, not having to remember to take a pill everyday  or call in & pick up next month’s prescription is just one small way of simplifying my hectic life.

Are there any other IUD lovers out there? If so, let’s start a fan club! We can get t-shirts and bumperstickers made! Who wants to be treasurer and secretary ?!


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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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