I'm Struggling With Low Milk Supply

Wolf on day two at the hospital.

My goal throughout pregnancy was to learn as much as I could about breastfeeding so that when the time came I’d be prepared.  After Wolf was born, he was immediately put on my chest for some skin to skin bonding and just a bit later we had our first try with breastfeeding.  It went great!  Wolf latched on like a champ and I was a happy mama.  When we left the hospital my milk still hadn’t come in aside from a few drops of colostrum but I’d read that it could take a few days after birth for the supply to be completely in so I wasn’t worried.

However, on our second day home with Wolf, I realized that he hadn’t had a wet diaper in over 12 hours and no dirty diaper in over 24.  From all the literature I brought home from the hospital, I knew that this was something to worry about.

I called Wolf’s pediatrician who suggested that I use a supplemental syringe at the breast with formula until I was able to get an appointment with lactation.  Since it was Memorial Day weekend, I had to wait until Tuesday for the appointment.   The good thing was Wolf didn’t have any signs of dehydration and no jaundice, plus, once the formula was in him, he started peeing on a regular basis.

I met with the lactation specialist on Tuesday.  And to be quite honest, I didn’t find her helpful at all.  She was encouraging for sure, but she didn’t show me or tell me anything that I hadn’t obsessively read on the internet in the two days waiting for my appointment.  She watched me feed Wolf at the breast with a syringe, adjusted his latch just slightly, suggested I take some galactagogues and pump between feedings.

I left feeling frustrated and saddened by the situation.  I was and have been so attached to the idea of breastfeeding and had many sobby nights crying about my low supply.  We hardly left the house because I was nervous about having to feed Wolf in public.  It wasn’t as easy as whipping out my boob for him to nurse.  He’d be nursing and I’d be sticking that tiny syringe at the corner of his mouth.  I was devastated.

Determined to boost my supply, my husband and I researched everything we could.  I’ve kept Wolf at the breast as much as possible.  If we’re out, I’ve fed him with a bottle but when I’m home he’s hungry, I’m nursing and I’m supplementing.  I ordered the Medela Supplemental Nursing System {SNS} which has been extremely helpful for keeping Wolf at the breast.  I’ve continued to pump as much as possible and have been feeding Wolf everything I pump.  I’ve been drinking Mother’s Milk tea, taking a lactation blend pill 3 times a day and More Milk Plus tincture at every feeding.  I’ve definitely noticed an increase in my supply but not to the level where I could quit supplementing.  I know that Wolf probably gets more off the breast from me than I get from pumping, but not knowing how much he’s getting makes me weary to quit the supplementing all together.

I definitely had some scary and sad moments about breastfeeding.  I felt like I was failing at times.  I wanted so badly to be able to breastfeed Wolf exclusively and it crushed me that I’m not able to support him on just my milk.  But at least Wolf is healthy and growing and that’s the most important thing to me now!  We’ve got a system and it’s working for us.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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