I'm Talking About My Boobs (Again)

big bras and undiesThere’s always a lot of talk about boobs on BFY, and on Being Pregnant, for that matter.
Personally, I’ve always had a pretty contentious relationship with mine. They were large before I was ready for them to be large (never) and they’ve often gotten in my way. I wrote about them when I was younger and I’m still writing about them now.

As I said on my personal blog, I always knew that they had a higher purpose, which is one of the reasons I could never go through with a breast reduction when I was in my teens and twenties, despite my secret desire to get one.

But there’s a bigger issue here (no pun intended). Now that I’ve played the role of cow for a total of twenty-five months so far, how will I feel about returning the girls to their original role once this part of my life is over and done?

At this point the line is a little fuzzy (I’m all over the unintended puns) and it is a definite struggle to turn off ‘practical boobs’ and turn on ‘sexy boobs.’

Alexandra Pecci wrote about how she and other women struggle with this very problem in an article featured today. She gets some great feedback from friends and professionals about how to help yourself to see your boobs in their new (old) light. (Yippee, new push-up bras!)

If you think about it, yes, our breasts are intended to feed our children, and I guess biologically speaking, we could bear children for decades, but many of us don’t choose that route and only spend a few years with ‘practical boobs.’ So in terms of time, sexy boobs definitely get more play (ok, that was the last one, I swear).

If you are someone who has spent most of your childbearing years with practical boobs, how do you deal with this issue? Or isn’t it an issue for you?

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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