In Defense of the Mom Who Tied Her Baby to Her Wedding Dress

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When my roommate came home yesterday, the first thing she said was “Did you see the bride who tied her baby to her wedding dress!? Insane!”  I replied “I’m writing about it for Babble.com right this moment. So crazy, right? But I feel bad for the lady, people everywhere are calling for her to be investigated for child abuse. They must not know what child abuse is.”

And then started our argument:

Roommate: “It IS child abuse. She dragged her baby down the aisle for goodness sake!”

Me: “Yeah, so?”

Roommate: “Someone could have stepped on the baby!”

Me: “That’s unlikely. No one is walking around as a bride is coming down the aisle.”

Roommate: “But the baby could have suffocated in all of those ruffles!”

Me: “Oh yes, those scary ruffles!”

Roommate: “And the baby could have bumped his head or fallen off!”

Me: “I’ve never seen a bride walk down the aisle fast enough for that.”

Roommate: “Those dress trains swing all over the place!”

So you get the idea. All we know is that Shona Carter-Brooks from Tennessee posted this photo of Aubrey, attached to her bridal dress during her wedding to Johnathon Brooks. Based on this, I just don’t buy that the baby was in any danger. Not based on the wedding photo anyway. And, I have to say, I think the safety uproar is a bit ironic given how in vogue Anne Geddes style, dangling baby photos are — like the one below.

Photo Credit: Bradkep/Flickr
Photo Credit: Bradkep/Flickr

Which looks more precarious?

Now, I’m not saying I would attach my babies to my wedding dress as ornament. However, I can totally see myself getting creatively worked-up trying to incorporate my daughters into my wedding, and lest my friends keep me in check, I might flitter among ideas and land … in this same bride’s shoes.

It’s not hard to imagine. Perhaps they were taking wedding photos beforehand and the mom noticed how beautiful her baby looked in the ruffles on her dress. Or, perhaps at the last minute she wanted to include her baby in the crucial ceremony that brings her parents together to make them a family? Maybe she wanted to put her flowers down and carry the baby but her mom protested because she already paid too much for the bouquet? And one thing led to another and before she knew it, her mother-in-law was sewing the baby into her dress (the bride probably didn’t do it unassisted).

Weirder things happen. I see this baby lovingly caught up in a comical, “Modern Family” wedding disaster episode rather than needing child protective services. I think the mom’s intent was in all the right places. She wanted to include her child, showcase her even, as the precious product of the union that friends and family were there to witness.

We can laugh at the tackiness, but don’t threaten abuse charges. If she’s smart, she’ll create some sort of baby-wedding dress buggy, complete with a five-point harness to sell to other whimsical brides-to-be!

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